Other Bones, Other Brothers

by Proven Lands

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released April 12, 2011

Proven Lands is David Murphy.
Written, recorded and performed by David Murphy with the assistance of Olly Taylor and Charlie Jones.
Additional Voices : Charlie Jones, Olly Taylor, Harry Partridge and Matthew Dowse.
Samples taken from Tarsem Singh's "The Fall" and Cameron Crowe's "Say Anything"

Cover Illustration by Lewis Scott-Dyson

Design & Layout: Olly Taylor




Proven Lands Brighton, UK

Proven Lands is a 'solo' project, so it's driven by ego and artistic indulgences.

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Track Name: This is a good death
Washed out by the window show
"hope drains out so easy" he says
and just waits for space to complain

It should force you to create

And it seems like a walk outside of cities sometimes can cure it all
but we realise that we can never truly escape from the arms of our cultural waste
and it seems like that these eternal struggles persist
and we hope that these puzzles were set just so that someone can solve them.

so I'll be sitting down tonight
I wont lay my eyes on it and tomorrow I won't know the topics
but I'll still know the news
I'll remember the people
I'll still be affected by that view

So sleep soundly if you know that you can't fix it over night
Wake knowing that it can be changed

and then a voice says

we're all gonna live and die alone
(so why bother we live and die alone)
Track Name: The cheaper the crook The gaudier the patter
"Don't retreat, reload!"
This call to arms on "hallowed ground"

There's a fire on the edge and its burning through books and pages
While the distance belies its danger , it's burning all the pages
and burning the books
She'll destroy and conquer minds
mask them to hid behind these images of mountains and these images of families
Track Name: 18 Streets full of strangers thinking on what could have been
There's a hidden signal in the traffic lights
You don't have to walk with him

Don't stop without letting me know

Under the red sky he'll tell you what to do
Trust me and hold my hand
I'm sick of falling behind, I think I'll take the lead
me and you know all the shortcuts
Are these people there? Because they seem so asleep
You and me know all the shortcuts

Dont Stop
It's too late. I'll stay behind. You can go on ahead.
Track Name: Bob gets the spirit award
He's cut from the patterns designed so he'll just stick to his fathers side
theres nothing coming through
just the eager ness to prove he is a man
and he wakes up in silence and he wonders
"why am i always alone"

The wasted money adds to her shame and anger
she hates that he makes the same wage
she cant stand it
she cant stand it when she's reminded of those days
it shows that she can never get it back once that its gone
and Jane, its gone.

The fading, aching relief of denial

Each moment is a struggle not to lose semblence
as she stretchs for the day to end
she is proud that her fingers know the keys so well

It happens when we get lost along the way and stop looking for a destination
and start nesting because its so comfortable to stay and let it rot away

The fading, aching relief of denial